Aztech MDP3858 FAQ 


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Q1. How to identify the MDP3858 modem and drivers? 
A1. The model of your card is printed on the serial number label located at the rear of the modem card. 
For drivers, open the readme.txt file and you will see the model MDP3858 being mentioned. 

Q2. What resources do MDP3858 uses? 

A2. Depending on system, the resources use is either IRQ9, IRQ10 or IRQ11. 

Q3. The system cannot detect the modem when I first inserted the card. What's wrong? 

A3. 1. Make sure that the card is fully inserted into the PCI Bus.  

2. The system is preferably to be a clean environment (fresh installation of Win95). 

3. Refer to Easy Start Manual or readme.txt for instructions on installation. After installation, your System Properties (Start/Settings/ControlPanel/Systems) should have the following modem properties as featured in the diagram showed below. 


Q4. How do I test that the modem is working properly? 

A4. Go to Start/Settings/ControlPanel/Modem/Diagnostic. Select the Com Port that the modem is connected to and select More Info. If the modem is working properly, a window will appear listing all the AT Commands. 


Q5. I have done the Diagnostic test. However, the system gave an error message that the system is unable to open the Com Port. 

A5. Make sure you have closed a communication software (Hyperterminal, Dial-up Networking etc.) when you are doing the Diagnostic test. However, if you are sure that you have closed all communication software but the error persist, do the following, 
Go to Start/Settings/ControlPanel/Systems 
Check is there any yellow exclamation mark on the modem section. If yes, remove them by selecting the conflicting device, and click Remove. Remove all conflicting devices and shut down the system. 

Remove the card and start up the system until you see the desktop. 
Shut down the system. Insert the modem into the PCI slot. Restart the system. The system will detect the modem and will prompt you for the driver. 

Q6. Why my modem always connects at 33.6k but not 56k? 

A6. Check with your ISP to ensure that they support K56Flex connection. Check your driver and firmware of your modem to ensure that you are having the current driver for your respective country. 

Check with your ISP is their Central Site Modem firmware updated. 

Q7. I have done a diagnostic of the modem and that’s nothing wrong with it. However, when I use a communication application, there seems to be an error, why? 

A7. Try to use Microsoft Fax to fax a document. If the fax is successful, then the fax function for the cards is working fine. 

Try to use Hyperterminal to dial up to a BBS. If the connection is sucessful, then the data function for the cards is working fine as well. 

Q8. How do I remove the old modem drivers installed in the system? 

A8. Go to Start/Settings/ControlPanel/Systems. Expand the modem section and select MDP3858 modem. Click on the remove button. If you see HCFMODEM, remove it too. 

Q9. Where can I delete all the files installed into my system by MDP3858? 


Filename Location
Atcomset C:\Windows
Brdg4002.inf C:\Windows\Inf
Dpal.vxd C:\Windows\System
Hcfaudio.vxd C:\Windows\System
Hcfdosui.dll C:\Windows\System
Hcfpnp.vxd C:\Windows\System
Mdmp4002.inf C:\Windows\Inf
Rokg729.vxd C:\Windows\System
Rokkmos.vxd C:\Windows\System
Rokv42.vxd C:\Windows\System
Turbovbf.vxd C:\Windows\System
Turbovcd.vxd C:\Windows\System
Win95ac.vxd C:\Windows\System

Q10. What is the maximum speed can this modem support and whose solution is this card using? 

A10. The MDP3858 modem supports up to 56kbps. It is also backward compatible with most of the old standards. The MDP3858 uses Rockwell K56Flex solution. 

Q11. This modem upgradable to ITU V.90 56k standard? 

A11. Yes.  

Q12. Where can I get updated driver for my modem? 

A12. You can visit our website,, for any updated drivers.