Dutch Champion Samoems Surdar
( Samoems Sneferu x Samoems Shirani)

Twelfth generation

Picture taken at Vierzon, April 2004


BoB at the 115th Winner Amsterdam 2004

Marat secured his BoB exactly fourty years after Samoems first ever Saluki Sherrah won the same title on November 22nd, 1964. In doing so he is the 36th Samoem bred and/or owned Saluki to win at the Amsterdam Winners (database Peter van Arkel).


BoB at the 28th Exposition Nationale d'Elévage - Vierzon 2004

Not having entered for this major European Saluki Specialty during the past decade, "Marat" simply continued a long established Samoem tradition.

In the last quarter century 21 Samoem bred and or owned Salukis have secured a title at this event.


Comment from the Judge, breed authority Dr.A.Campagne

“ Chien bien typé avec beaucoup de Classe…., Superbe Mouvement "