The Ultimate DOKUMENT of time of a historical Band. S.P.K., a Myth, a Cult, a Philosophy.
After more than 12 months of planing and organising this Momumental release is finally realised.
VOD is proud to present a limited 800 copies Wooden-Box-Set that documents the first 5 years and the first stage of the band. 6-Lp’s with 36-page Booklet documenting the time plus a T-Shirt.
Besides the official Tape-Releases such as Wars of Islam, From Science to Ritual, at The Crypt, and Last Attempt at Paradise, this Box-Set also includes Live recordings from their first concert in Sydney in 79, the Heaven Concert London in 80, the Brickwerkz-Concert in 82, the SO36 Concert in Berlin plus a few more live-documents.
Members will recieve their edition with a limited 3x7“wooden Box-Set containing their first 3 Side Effect 7“ from 1979 plus a Post-card-Set with photographies by SPK-Member Sinan Revell and the option to buy more boxes

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