Vox fanzine #6 : 1981

the original (spk) was operator and ne/h/il psych. nurse and certified schizophrenic (now deceased). at the time of the album's release the line up was: operator - synthesizers, rhythms, treatments, vocals/ Wilkins - guitars, tapes, vocals/mr. clean - technician/tone generator - synthesizers, treatments.
spk stands for surgical penis klinic and system planning korporation. in their own words are expressed the ideas and interpretations behind the group and the ideas involved in their first album 'information overload unit' - a harsh and direct attempt to come to terms with an enforced reality. the content of the album contains a maze of both precise and obscure ideas which will definitely hurt you. you should try and experience the ideas expressed.
1. the music itself has two sides. we are very much involved with mental 'illness' - its criminal repression in glamour-clean society - but also its break out possibilities (a maniac - schizo dynamic which moves too quickly for capitalism to water down and control). by overloading information so that it is out of our control when we construct a piece of sound, we try to give the technology a chance to act for itself (rather than 'dominating' or 'humanizing it'). and also the listener a chance to construct something as well. on a lyrical level that is why the operator screams either in bed german (because he likes the sound) or electronically destroys what has taken hours to write. we have no wish to tell anybody what to think - who gives a shit what we think - we would then be just like critics in the music press - we are interested in what other people think, which is why we encourage personal communication with us. our aim is to encourage young people to do something different and not to identify/mimic, even, indepent stuff - because it's the same thing. that is why we have very amicably decided not to record again with industrial and have re-established our original side effects label and recorded everything ourselves in our south london squat bedroom - to diversify the attack on any front no matter how small or insignificant it may seem."

the project ideal is to express the content of various psychopathological conditions, especially schizophrenia, manic - depressive psychosis, mental retardation and paranoia. information overload supersedes normal, rational thought structures, forcing deviation into less restrictive mental procedures of so - called 'mental illness'. spk is trying to be a voice for those individuals condemned to the slow decay of mental hospitals and chemical/electro/surgical therapy, without fetishising them into blatant entertainment product. 'sonics for manics' aims to be a vehicle for sharing mental experiences through sound.
owing to the instability of personalities associated with spk output is likely to be irregular, as it has been up to now.
we would like to hear from anyone interested in what we are doing, especially those with interest in, or history of, psychotic disorder. we will reply personally to all correspondence. our name and material will vary with each project, but once established, you will have no difficulty in maintaining contact. please write to mike wilkins, 15, king edward's road, hackney, london e9 7sf. england. 
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