Totalitarians Resistance 3 : 1984

spk - AUTO DA-FE (Walter Ulbricht)
A painful drawing comes with this excellent retrospective. I am extremely glad this came out, or else many would have misconceptions of SPK. This album covers a lot of their early/mid range stuff. I am still puzzling over why this band released 'Metal Dance'. It seemed so empty, although to say that is stupid as SPK,k being the operative, have made their name through emptiness and imagery, an emptiness so repetitive that it becomes a strain to accept any of their work, even though it is brilliant. I don't quite understand this album and the reasoning behind it. The front is typically repulsive, SPK have always invited their material to be banned, but the inside is so terribly forward and advancing. The songs are short but involved and very vicious and nasty. Titles like 'kontakt', 'retard', 'walking on dead steps' all cover up images of the occult, the recording defying time and place. Side 1 is very gory and almost unlistenable, but the visions they hold are deep cutting and leave a mark. """20 minutes seems like 20 days, it is just so nerve slicing, and so perhaps tedious, but extremely masterful. Side 2 is totally the opposite. Very musical (as can be) and easy to listen to. It would be easy to just accept it. But spk challenge you to argue and feel bad, or am I just covering up for the fact that this album is so profound yet so simple in hearing that I am now totally unnerved and uneasy. This album is a must, even if only to test your own self endurance. (M.P) 

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