TOP : October 1994

Another important artist with whom few will be familiar is ADOLF WOLFLI, an "Outsider" painter and musician who died in 1930 leaving behind a huge legacy of peculiar dreamscape illustrations and musical scores that foiled all who came into contact with them. With "Outsider Art" enjoying some kind of 90s renaissance, it seems only fitting that one of the movement's founding fathers gets the attention he deserved, but never got it, in life. Former SPK player Graham Revell gets as close to the spirit of Wolfli as possible by releasing his Musique Brut Collection (Mute), half of which is devoted to the man's sensitive, almost supernatural compositions which haunt the memory with their spectral power. The rest is taken up with Revell's experiments with insect sounds. On 'The Insect Musicians' Revell plugs into the chittering, squeaking and sawing of legs, wings and mandibles to produce a music that delves deep into an invisible world of music that is literally under our feet. Bees drone, crickets make mating calls, flies hover from speaker to speaker like helicopters, and the orchestration of these creatures by Revell is absorbing and slightly disturbing. Sometimes the marriage between bug and computer console grates badly, but at its peak 'The Insect Musicians' is one huge buzz. 

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