TONE DEATH fanzine : November 1982

SPK live in heaven 31 oc 1982

1.45pm - two people too: the stage, Oblivon, who took charge of metal percussion, base, and vocals, and a rather beautiful young lady of oriental extraction, who played syndrums. They were accompanied by a large selection of backing tracks - old, new, and newer material, as well as slides and film. The set was musically very good, although the overall volume should have been at least twice as loud to have any real effect. There should also have been more people on stage to fill out the sound. As it was, many people left before the end of the set (mind you, it was quite late), and some of those that did stay on probably did so only out of curiosity reasons. I don't think SPK won many new admirers, but I hardly think that will bother them.     G.L. & C.B.

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