The Other Sound 4 : 1984

VIOLENT MUSIC known as "Noise" and/or "Industrial Music", its really been around for years known as MUSIQUE CONCRET.
Today more than ever this music is becoming more popular within the 'underground music scene, starting hundreds of groups & artists of this style to bring together their 'version' of this musical sound.
Almost always the music is harsh, abrupt, and violent. Graphics and any lyrics that are used linger in the depts of violence, death, morbid & hardcore sex, and topics of this nature.

Some of the more well-known and only slightly successful leaders of this music include : THROBBING GRISTLE,,SPK,,NON-(aka BOYD RICE),,M.B.(MAURIZIO BIANCHI),,WHITEHOUSE,,and NURSE WITH WOUND.

Most of this music is very efective, and of taste for industrial sounds - (heavy duty, overdone, extreme). But as everything else there are a few of little interest, some copy-cats... and some not worth the listening time.
And as with everything else again... for each band of artist - is a different style of the music - which makes the interest far better than when they copy other groups. THROBBING GRISTLE was, and now is, gone, so why try to copy the style they started when your own style is new or different. Because they had a taste of glory, this is no reason to make you think you will also share in the same glory. TG and their art-electronic music and pranks caused a landslide of people to follow along, trying their best to be a part of TG's world.

SPK, probably the second "main-line" -- industrial group has many many rumors that follow its cult doom legend. Like members being from mental clinic's and death schools. Although, if you've even been to one of their shows the rumors could almost be true. In performance they use medical slides and films on brain operations, mutation, mental pathology, and other films that other than medical people would find very sick and taste-less.

The reason that such items and idea's are used is because that in this real world people have to be stunned before the pay any notice.
The most effective methord of effect is when you use emotion, the more emotional, the stronger the effect.. the listener is forced to respond to a direct aim on their emotional feelings.
How else to use your music as a weapon but to use violence in it, if you use emotion in your music-you can expect emotion, if its sad emotion you can cause sadness, if its happy you can happiness--but again...only if you are good at what you do. Music is control, it is power... but only if you know how to use it.

Industrial music has more than one side... this music is a weapon.... only to cause emotion, some industrial musicians are anti-socialists and sadists, their music is a form of pain they wish to infect others with, either to show or to give. Whichever it ends up, its what painful emotional that is caused.

Everyone should have experienced some industrial music in their short life - either now   or when YOU DIE.................................................

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