Talk Talk Vol.3 No.5 : July 1981

System Planning Korporation "Information Overload Unit" (Side Effect, ser01)

System Planning Korporation aka the Surgical Penis Klinik aka the Socialist Patients Kooperativ were three people involved in music as psycho therapy. These three members have since departed ie one has died and the other two have gone on to become popular musicians ! Three new members have been recruited to expose the lurking global maddness: Operator, Tone Generator, and Wilkins. IOU is a record that describes the state that man has fallen to. We have become overloaded with information. Facts that for the most part have proven/will be proven to be harmful to mankind are what SPK dwell on. Their aim as stated in Dokument#1, which is included with this record, is to expose the listener to various levels of mental disturbances. This is "sonic for manics". Sex and death (of the violent sort) comprise most of their material; which are collected tape recordings of lectures on methods of torture, the effects of nerve gas, criminal confessions and pornographic fragments. It is combined with some of the most violent and disturbing sounds I've ever heard, ie the drill press lobo sound is present in every song. Life to SPK must not be very enjoyable or precious as seen in such titles as : SUTURE OBSESSION, MACHT SCHRECKEN, RETARD, STAMMHEIM TORTURKAMMER, and KALTBRUCHIG ACIDEATH. What results when one listens this over an extended period of time? Perhaps, you'll become one of those solitary shoes on the edge of the road or the accompanying body in the HEFTY bag.


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