SOUNDS : 7 December 1985

'Information Overload Unit' (Normal Normal 9 Import)****

Ever getta bunch a fuzz on yer stylus when yer listening to Stockhausen and... or yer up late behind the Iron Curtain trying to tune in the Armed Forces Network and it's being jammed and... or ya got an ear infection and a hangover and yer tryin' to blast The Ramones through yer headphones and...
Recorded in 1979/1980, this LP is so seminal that the stain on your brain will never fade - the damage wuz done years ago. All them guys with the funny haircuts who put out records with pitchers of dead babies in jars on the front; all that Nazi obsession (y'know, them li'l dots over the O's), it all began in this Aussie morgue.
Yup, this's SPK before they heard New Order. Two sides of hell on vinyl. 40 minutes of crunching, clanging and distorted mumbling. A braincleansing racket; to audio documents what a death certificate is to a doctor.

PC Hertz

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