Sounds : 31 May 1980

NOTE : also reviewed were Maiden and Angel Witch, Fist, Throbbing Gristle (United)

Surgical Penis Klinic: Meat Processing Section

Now, what have we here? A pattern, one thinks. Definitely two ends of the same piece of slightly shop-soiled string. There is no difference between the first three and the last two of these records; cause and effect are almost totally the same. ... There is no real separation between the radical experimentalists and the heads-down heavy metal thrashers; they're both the types of people who have never cast off playing with their trainsets, ... It's immature hankering after the past, childhood, the Mother figure, a life of eternal playfulness.
That doesn't mean to say the new train-sets are bad. ...
Meanwhile, Industrial keeps on playing with itself and a few foreigners. ... Surgical Penis is actually quite frightening.

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