SOUNDS : 27 August 1983


News from abroad reveals that there's a very rare SPK tape up for grabs. In a limited edition of 50, Peter Halé has put together a double C90 of their recent German tour. It's good quality and, as you'd imagine, pretty powerful stuff. It can be obtained from Black Print, August-Bebel-STR 223, D-48 Bielefeld 1, West Germany, for an IMO to the value of £7.
Graham from SPK, when contacted, said that there were about five people taping the gig. He didn't mind so much that someone had released it but he would have preferred to have had control over it: "It's a bit of a pain in the arse really."
A more legal release is soon to hit the streets though in the shape of 'Auto Da Fé' which is an LP featuring SPK's early singles and some new unreleased material. Graham has also been heavily involved in the new Research book on JG Ballard for which he managed to interview the elusive author.

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