SOUNDS : 15 Oktober 1983

SPK: 'Metal Dance' (Desire)

Where SPK re-assemble their own manic brand of "difficult music" into an innocent slab of insignificant glitter-disco.
Their aim is purely mischievous,of course (of course?). Once the gullible public have been duped into thinking SPK are a nice, clean-cut pop band (which in many ways they are), unaware of the dark design that lays beneath, they will then spring out to reveal their true colours to the SHOCK-HORROR of the dimwitted souls who have made 'Metal Dance' a success.
That's the plan anyway (hope I haven't given too much away, fellas). Trouble is though that the oldest trick in the book is unlikely to attract much sympathy from either side of their audience this time round. SPK are far too seriously committed to their ART and too ignorant of the media they are striving to subvert for this scheme to work successfully.
The resultant pounding of metal on metal is akin to that of a brick going round in a spin drier, a sound that even had Wild Planeteer Trendy Hendy pulling a face.
Sorry gang, but the general public just aren't as stupid as you think they are - they'll smell this wiff of corruption a mile off. Even your faithful few will feel snubbed by the release of this mind-numbing cross over, you lose both ways.
My advice is, if you really wanna make it in the charts SPK then go for a cover version. Beatles tunes are usually the best to go for.
I got it...'Maxwell's Silver Hammer', it's almost tailor made for you. 

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