Sounds : 14 May 1983 (2)

TWIN VISION: Set up by Dominik Guerin, formerly of SPK, and Kolleen Ford as an alternative video company, Twin Vision have so far released two tapes with another two in preparation.
Twin 1: 'Despair' by SPK retails for £6 and is rated XXX. Featuring live footage of SPK including the Brikwerz performance and the karnage of the 1982 US tour, it lasts 60 minutes and is punctuated by the ultimate in severed head sensations.
Twin 2: Untitled, features two autopsy films with incidental music by SPK. It lasts 60 minutes and goes for £15.
Twin 3: Almost completed is a two hour compilation tape which will sell for £18 and features SPK, Chris And Cosey, Nocturnal Emissions, Lustmord, La Loora from Germany, Portion Control, Die Todliche Doris and various others.
Twin 4: 'The Films Of Deadly Doris' by Die Todliche Doris features several films by this excentric German outfit (see Die Todliche Doris). Lasting 60 minutes it sells for £16 and features the near legendary 'Life of Sid Vicious' with a two year old infant in the lead role.
All Twin Vision tapes are VHS and can be obtained for the above prices (cheques made payable to Dominik Guerin or Kolleen Ford) which include post and packing from 68, Bonnington Square, London, SW8 1TG. 

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