Sounds : 11 Oktober 1980

Not content with participating in the cassette boom, and the videocassette explosion ... Industrial continues to march vile arcana like SPK ...
SPK was the other end of the spectrum. The group were a bunch of Aussie loons who named themselves after a German terrorist gang, but the initials lent themselves to a bawdier interpretation.
"It was a group of mental patients who got into the Baader-Meinho and thought it was really good fun, and so they decided to start up their own terrorist organisation in the mental hospital and started making bombs. But they blew themselves up by mistake. The SPK had a manifesto, one of the slogans was 'Kill, kill, kill, for Inner Peace ...'
Naturally, somebody had to name a group after such funsters; naturally, Industrial asked to press up more copies of their 45 the minute they heard it... Meanwhile, SPK plan an LP, on their own label. Industrial doesn't hold anybody to anything; all the outside artists simply get 30% of the profits after everything's paid. 
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