Sounds : 10 December 1983


Following the Test Dept debacle on Wednesday SPK played the Venue on Thursday night under threat from the GLC. It seems the group's hand-held flame thrower exploits had preceded them and they were told that if they used the fiery implement the show would be immediately stopped.
The packed throng enjoyed a magnificent, fire free, gig though. Only Graeme's electric saw antics produced a spark of annoyance from the officials. But with John Murphy and Graeme finally assaulting their equipment with sticks and chains, the gig was prematurely terminated.
As Graeme wielded a chain, some six foot long, round his head and over the skulls of assembled onlookers, a Venue roadie tried to stop the action by spraying him with a fire extinguisher. This pretty ingenious act was immediately followed by the safety curtains being shut as Sinan screamed on and silhouettes of irate roadies were seen trying to trounce the group's armoury of steel plates ...

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