S/M fanzine : May 1981

I briefly talked with SPK member, Dominik (sp?) via telephone - he in San Francisko, I in P.H.;

S/M- I thought you went to the shooting range with Vale...
The others went there. I went to Alkatraz.

S/M- Will you be showing any video when you tour?
D- We've got quite a few videos, but unfortunately it's a different format. We use (-?-), a German system. But we have got films, super8- and slides, which are very unusal.

S/M- Are you planning on doing soundtracks for other peoples videos in additio to your own?
D- Oh,.. no, basically our own. We're not really interested in doing other peoples', I mean, we have the facilities, perhaps if anything's interesting enough. We did a little thing with Mark Pauline the other day- he is a very interesting chap..

S/M- Is anything you have done with video available presently?
D- It's difficult to get what we've done so far transferred. Eventually wre would like to have some sort of an american distribution as far as our videotapes are concerned, but at this stage we haven't got the facilities to duplicate them.

S/M- What personnel does the band consist of now?
D- I'm in charge of the visuals. There's two people on stage, and a mixer.

S/M- What will be the album to be released in England?
D- There's a tentative working title of something like, The Last Attempt At Paradise, but we haven't really decided on anything as of yet.

S/M- Will this be the final SPK album, then?
D- We might do sort of a soundtrack type thing, -htere's some possibility of a live album.

S/M- I was disappointed to hear that you tried out infra/ultra sound on an audience in Australia, and nothing came of it...
D- It just sort of destroyed this guy's p.a., that's all it really acheived. I mean it was quite good, it was an interesting thing.. it was just sort of really low sub-harmonics.. that were on a fifteen-hundred watt p.a.. It just popped all these fifteen-inch bass speakers- didn't really lend itself for the rest of the concert with the bass speakers being blown.

S/M- Do you think a better p.a. might be able to reproduce them?
D- Well, I've heard stories of really boring bands like Pink Floyd using individual bass speakers under peoples' chairs in concert to create a really amazing bass sound...

S/M- I was really looking foreward to seeing what kind of guinea pig I might be to Infra or ultr-sound...
D- OH, well we do have extreme frequencies still, don't feel that we won't sort of be "blasting it out"- it just that on that one, on that level, it didn't really acheive much. People tend to become quite excited with some of the sounds created- disturbed, in a sense.. sort of interesting reactions, both because of the visual and musickal contents, I think they lend themselves to each other very nicely.

S/M- Do you film or tape all of the visuals yourself, or are they found e...
D- Alot of them are done in a very clandestine way- going into medical schools and such, taking pictures of actual corpses. And museums where specimens are being kept in jars and things like that. And also...

I never found out what "and also" was- the rest of the band came back with the news that the van they had purchased just lost it's transmission.

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