Smash Hits : Oktober 1983

Drums? Who needs them. Cymbals? Leave it out. Start proudly presents a budget entry to the wonderful world of pop percussion. Take multi-national noisemakers SPK. Used to attract the "industrial raincoat brigade" at their gigs 'til they hit on their "waste products" scheme. Clattering away on their new "Metal Dance" single you'll hear the ringing tones of a metal door from a Marmite Factory, two Calor Gas cylinders, a few oil drums and a bit of an old motorcycle exhaust pipe. But where do they find this stuff? We found them sifting through the autumn bargains in a Kings Cross scrapyard ...

1. Derek selects one of an attractive new range of bass drums
2. Prices axed! Ex-Fire Brigade Alarm Bells are on a special offer

3. Graham tests the ever-popular ventilator shaft (Model SPK1)
4. The exciting new line in drumsticks (i.e. mangled cables)

5. SPK proudly display their costly new rhythm gear

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