SMARM : 1983

When I was no more than five years-old, I watched the original version of "The Time Machine" late at night with my family. I remember a hole in the earth where creatures toiled on some sort of machinery, which made a rhythm of pounding, crashing metal. I heard this rhythm in my head every night before I fel to sleep for years following. I haven't heard anything that captures that sound and feeling more thoroughly than the new SPK album, Leichenschrei (translation- Screaming corpses). On previous SPK werks the sheer magnitude of dense, screeching synth./etc. grabbed your neck and held you until the spiral track let you loose. On this new LP different aggressive, primitive rhythms pound your head, and slap your face with a leather strap. The undead rise to chant and scream. I haven't been this distraught over a piece of vinyl since T.G.s D.O.A.; with this much intense, violent energy a small group of Walkman equipped terrorists could overthrow continents (yes, I am very excitable..)! Perhaps the final, tortured scream that ends this assault will from now on, be bidding me goodnight.
SPK- No More/Contact/Germanik EP (ed. 500 Side Effects Rec.)
Surgical Penis Klinik- Meat Processing 45 (Industrial Records, original on SE with additional cut)
System Planning Korporation- Information Overload Unit LP (Side Effects)
SPK- Leichenschrei LP (Thermidor)
SPK- (see interview)

Dokument I, II
ReSearch #3
Another Room V.2 #9
Vox #6
Flowmotion #2
Talk Talk V.3 #5

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