Industrial IR0011

Here's a fun story: S.P.K. got their name and inspiration from a group of West German crackbrains who set up a "terrorist cell" in their hospital under the slogan "Kill Kill Kill - For Inner Peace and Mental Health" and then blew themselves to shredded hell with homemade explosives. Likewise, S.P.K. (the musical unit) also fractured down to two members - one, a nurse at a mental hospital; the other, a certified schizophrenic, after making the tapes from which this single was culled.
I don't care whether this story actually is true or otherwise, it's a great myth and adds just the right touch to Meat Processing Section, which is one of the most ghastly, genuinely disturbing singles made since 1959. this bastard is diseased from cover to core, a bad virus that only incidently infects plastic, paper, or canvas. Maybe it's the nearest soundtrack available for S.P.K.'s own home movie - the sickly yellow one that flickers incesantly in their raving noodle.
Sure, I'm laying it on thick. Don't take my word for it, you can let it into your own living space and see : if the cover, showing a real live penis with a quarter-inch rod shoved through it, doesn't grab ya, the sounds inside sure will.

-Sure Will

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