Unknown source : 23 April 1983

Visions of China ? Almost the real thing this time, but this portrait of a young Buddhist monk was taken in Australia by SPK's Sinan Leong, who is currently in Canton, South China, accompanying an exhibition of her work.
The exhibition explores the flourishing Chinese communities of Melbourne and Sydney, contrasting those who staunchly uphold old traditions with those, like fish'n'chip shop owners the Yuen Brothers, who are partly absorbed into the Australian mainstream.
Sinan, who was born in Canton, left Red China in the '50s with her mother, first stopping over in Hong Kong before settling in sydney where, working as a photographer, actress and vocalist, she joined the New Zealand expatriate Graeme in SPK.
Despite SPK's use of Chinese chants and the occasional odd oriental configuration, her portraits should prove more familiar to her former compatriots than does SPK's post-industrial noise.

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