Record Mirror : 1 December 1984

Junk Funk (WEA)
Perhaps suffering from forced compromise, SPK won't satisfy diehard metallurigists or drag the uninitiated onto the dance floor with this lame disco that leaves the hammer and tongs at home.
Junk Funk' they call it. And who are we to disagree? They are Graeme Revell (instruments and biceps) and Sinan (vocals and haute couture), known as SPK. 'Instruments' include big bits of metal used to beat bigger bits of metal, welding equipment, and state-of-the-ART audio/visual technology. On stage, there's a lot of sweat and muscle involved - including a Kendo demonstration - but Graeme never gets so carried away with the chain-wielding and thrashing that he forgets to adjust the tape-machines.
Their LP, 'Machine Age Voodoo', is actually old-fashioned jazz-funk from a Chinese takeaway. "Aesthetic terrorists" they may claim to be, but real steel bands still play at Notting Hill Carnival.

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