Otherwise known as Surgical Penis Klinik, Socialist Patients Kollektiv or Seppuku, SPK was the brainchild of Australian Graeme Revell, who later emerged as a leading philosopher of Industrial culture. Formed in September 1979, their first single, "Germanik", appeared in a 200-only edition on the band's own Side Effects label, before Revell relocated to the U.K.
"We really liked their powerful sound," said Industrial at the time, "and their determination to generate their own vision." Industrial subsequently issued the "Meat Processing Section" 45, complete with a groin-grimacing sleeve.
In time, Revell's writings became far more preferable to the bid for commercial appeal by the mid-80s (the band even appeared bashing metal on 'The Tube'). Today, he's better-known for his soundtrack work and making music from insect sounds.

Surgical Penis Klinik's "Meat Processing Section" came with an appropriate cover design.

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