NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS : 4 November 1989


[Film review]
With fine atmospheric effects from SPK's Graeme Revell, Dead Calm manipulates the intense claustrophobia of the vessels with the simmering threat and endless presence of the ocean to build a pace and tension that will exhaust you and make your heart race.

Experimental metal dance band formed Sydney, Australia, 1978, by Sinan and Graeme Revell, Chinese and New Zealand-born respectively. Armed with paintsprays, drills, an on-the-spot artist, plus a welder, they attempted to play an ICA gig in October, 1984, did just two songs, then walked, leaving the management to face a riot. SPK stands for umpteen different things, the best of which is Surgical Penis Klinik - or so the Revells claimed.
25 JUN 83    Dekompositiones (Side Effects)    26    1 wk
29 OCT 83   Metal Dance (Desire)                    4    17 wks

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