New Musical Express : 20 October 1984

SPK, the metal insustrialists whose recent appearance at London ICA sparked a riot, are taking their controversial show on the road next month. They say the'll continue to present their full act, complete with arc-welders and paint-sprays, providing they are not hampered by fire regulations.
They visit Glasgow Night Moves(1 November), Edingburgh Caley Palais(2), Manchester Polytechnic(3), Sheffield University(5), London Camden Palace(6), Leicester Polytechnic(7), Chippenham Goldiggers(8), Birmingham Fantasy Club(9) and Brighton Polytechnic(10).
Negotiations are under way to secure leading Polish outfit Republika as support for selected dates and, if it materialises, it will be the first-ever UK tour by a Polish rock band. Nurse With Wound will also appear at certain venues.

As reported last week, SPK's show at the ICA was first hindered by an overzealous fire officer, and audience trouble flared when the group walked off stage after just two numbers - due to the restrictions imposed on them. With their first WEA single 'Junk Funk'/'High Tension' just released, they are hoping that the tour will be of a promotional rather than a provocative nature. 

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