NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS : 13 September 1986


SPK: Invocation (Side Effects)
this sirensound unlike any other is that of a "heart that breaks in no time or place". It hangs, suspended between the European aftermaths as dreamt through exiled eyes and the manner of disquiet that follows accidents; between an aching soul and the void.
Absence can be heard in the soprano voice which increases in shrilness as it gathers speed and tangles with solemn emulated melodies. Metal object manipulation and electronic signals are all but gunshots in the distance - the language is not of this century. And, pictures of survivors wading through the strewn debris of another war, the last one, come to mind. This 'canto for the departed' is SPK's most fully realised shape yet. Their refusal to fossilise should be commended.
Noise as a myth appropriate to this analytical time doesn't ring as true as any tepid catch-all, like 'culture' or 'post-modernism'.
Here's a programme for its aftermath. 

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