The Neroberg Interview : 2 December 1982


Note : this interview with Graeme Revell was made after the concert that took place in Wiesbaden-Germany. The comment / interruptions of the interviewer are placed between brackets. I could not understand some parts and have put [...] in place.

What the most people think it is to shock people. What we do is not to shock people. What we do is, we go to places where, euh, things are hidden away, where scientists do crazy things with bodies. We're, we're not, we're showing their obsessions, that is our point of view. If we go into a place where they got all the bodies cut up, works of art, sculpted heads, things like that, we found that a completely ridiculous thing to do. And that's why we go in and bring it out. We try not to shock anybody. We know that you're not shocked by that, I think that everybody has seen enough.
[That's right.]

[It's an interesting soundtrack as well.]
And if you put that with music it can become quite a different thing from just seeing ... Some people, honestly, some people throw up. Some people try and throw themselves of buildings. I mean you're not the average person either, really. [No.] You're more than the average person. If you show this stuff on television, people will go on complaining and half the country would go of their brains about it. As they consider as it was pornographic or something like that. See you have to put yourselve in other people's position.

Well I just told you, it was just to show the, euh, insanity of science. Science pretends to be clean all the time. ... the blank images of the computer face where everything is sterile. What we're saying is that behind that, the scientific brain is a karnage brain and it uses clean instruments with dirty hands, like euh, killing people, euh, everything to do with war, everything to do with medicine. It's an obsession, what would be an article on capitalism ... the scientific world, technocrats, they use extremely precise technology with extreme filthy heads. The consciousness of science is clean, the unconsciousness is filthy. We're trying to show the unconscious side of it. Do you agree with that ?

My background is as a psychiatric nurse, right. I walked around, I had a very clean uniform on. All the wards were very clean. All the people in the ward were very filthy they got injections, they got hands with pills. You understand what I'm saying ? [Yeah.] What I'm saying, behind the sterility of the hospitals and scientific laboratories. The purpose of that is subjugation of the people that are in there, whether through drugs, chemical warfare, the whole lot.

All our lyrics have to do with tapes, especially on the first album, you know. The side-effects of the anti-psychotic drugs, which are the drugs they give to psycho, euh, schizophrenics. All the side-effects of those drugs are exactly the same as the side-effects of chemical warfare agents. One is legal like euh, ... they give that to people in hospitals but euh ... or zyklon or anything like that, they're the same, the same drugs.

What we're trying to do is to exhibit the dark side of human nature. The dark side of what appears to be progress as a massive progression.
It is not obvious in Germany, because in the most other countries we've done interviews where everybody knows what we're talking about. But in Germany and in Europe you don't have ... interviews. That's what we try to do in the documents, we put in with the albums. But euh, sometimes they euh, the customs people steal the documents out of the records and they don't get to the record shops. There's nothing we can do about it. We can go to Rough Trade.
Even on the first album we had this sticker of a penis. On the first single, Industrial single Slogan Mekano, we had a sticker of a penis on the front with a screwdriver through it. But they peeled them all of. People get this blank record cover. You know like you were saying you shouldn't listen to Hitler speeches. Well it's very good to listen to them. And I don't listen to them but to use them is a mistake because that's what the Come organisation does. They take Hitler speeches, they take musician marching songs. They put them on records and everybody thinks they are fascists. So when Come organisation plays in London, they play at 5 or 10 people. And I myself refuse to play with them. ... the same of musicians but it's not an information.
It doesn't have to be a factual information. Information needs not to be factual. Information can be imaginary information as weel. That's what we're trying to do with. Well it's like everybody's imagination to do something on their own. The fact that we can do it, and we're not popular. We don't get any press. The press in Great Britain refuses to write anything about us at all. Anybody with a fanzine does not write about us. So we have to keep going on by ourselves. So if we can do it, then anybody else can do it.

I think the most people you would call normal, the average suburban people, they would be very shocked by this. [I'm shocked by this because it is ... it's hard.] Yes, it's quite hard. TG don't do that sort of things. [Pardon.] TG don't do, show that sort of things. [Euh, I think they have that film After Cease to Exist.] That's just a fake castration of Chris Carter. [Yeah, but I think ...]

I think it's like Jesus Christ. It's the same thing becoming a messiah ... would be like that. We have a messiah and then this person stands up there and other people are staying up there ... saying what's correct. We're not trying to preach, that's why we don't have lyrics like ... the state is up, the state is up. It's too obvious. The point is, I think there's no point. [We all know TG and we're all fed up with it.] Who else doesn't ?

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