MELODY MAKER : 26 July 1986

Various Artists
Side Effects

Dressed like the Grim Reaper in designer rags, this record has a colossal amount to live up to. Those who have compiled this strange and tice marvellous collection have allowed their armageddon marketing to go mad and, as such, would have us all believe a new dark age is upon us. That the post-war West is sinking into a sterile abyss. That every last desperate attempt to rebuild culture and morality from imaginary beginnings will collapse in on itself. That steadily our over-indulgence will become a shelter and an exhibition of mass hysteria. What then will become of us? Well, we survived this record and you will, too.
"Vhutemas Archetypi" is a compilation of the "New European" and the "New American" and tries to convince us of the dissolution of ideas and the decay of art. Carel Willink's romantic perception of entropy is reprinted as a cover, the sleevenotes, in immaculate italics, quote from Elias Canetti, Goethe and Paul Virilio and all the groups sound uncompromisingly dark.
SPK and Lustmord fare somewhat better. [...] SPK have metamorphosised unrecognasibly, literally flowered to produce a weird Gregorian chant and lacey, lilting harmonies. [...]
the synthesis then is that Side Effects do not convince us of their gorgeous apocalypse, [...] and that SPK have improved considerably. Still, it's only rock'n roll... isn't it?

The Legendary Stud Brothers 

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