Melody Maker : 23 July 1983

TALKING of bunnies, dead rabbits on a string could be the next big thing if Twin Vision's compilation of all things grim is any indication. [...]
Including such fun-loving artistes as Chris and Cosey, SPK, Test Dept and Portion Control, the video seems designed to provoke use of the sick bucket, but has to settle for the cementing of eye-lids.
Say the compilers, "Destructiveness is a symptom of the values of a command and obey system, and the greediness of the establishment programmes into us (sic) for the sake of its own parasitic survival" [...].
"The images of destruction we're showing were already there," it says in the accompanying booklet. "We're just presenting it in a way which we feel lends more honesty to the subject."
Well I'd say that was hypocritical hogwash written by people who get off on images of sadism and death, but then I'm just an old spoilsport.
Communique ends. Over and out.


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