Melody Maker : 13 Oktober 1984


The ol' metal grinders have been at it again. There we all were ready for a bit of a knees-up with SPK at the ICA Festival in London, and on came our heroes, played one number and then walked off again. We all know it's cool to play short sets, but this was pushing it a bit, we thought. Cue riot. Not big fans, the GLC stepped in after one SPK number, claiming the liberal use of arc-welders and metal-bashing constituted a danger to the public. The GLC is soon to be abolished and, quite frankly, if this is their attitude then we're not sorry. Lots of frustrated spectators jostled and yelped a bit as they grouped around the boxoffice in a futile attempt to re-allocate the proceeds from the gig. The band, themselves mightily miffed about the whole affair, themselves came out to remonstrate with anybody who would listen but the whole thing turned out to be yet another black day in the chequered history of this old thing we call rock 'n' roll. But then music's a funny game and this was a match of two halves and on the day, Brian, football was the winner. Er sorry, must stop drinking this stuff ...

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