IR 0011 PRESS RELEASE : 1980


Subject:-                SLOGUN/MEKANO      by    S.P.K.

Index Number : IR 0011 45rpm single
Side A :            Mekano (Factory)
Side B :            Slogun (Slogan)

Well, as promised, here we are again! Here is a single by Australian group
           The cover and centre labels are somewhat confusing. On the cover, the
A side is "MEKANO", but on the centre label it is called "FACTORY" and is
numbered as the B side. Factory was its original title, then the words were
changed. On the cover the B side is called "SLOGUN" but on the centre label
the A side is called "SLOGAN". This is the B side. Probably. the group are
called S.P.K. but for this single prefer to be known as Surgical Penis Klinik,
for reasons best known to themselves. They have called the whole package "MEAT
PROCESSING SECTION"! If you review it we suggest you tell people to ask for
S.P.K.-Surgical Penis Klinik and give index number IR 0011 if the shop seems
confused! Well, what can you expect from people from down under...

Background:- S.P.K. was the name the group took from a group of mental
                      patients in West Germany who, inspired by the Baader-Meinhof
group set up their own terrorist cell with a "SLOGUN" Kill Kill Kill For
Inner Peace and Mental Health. Unfortunately this group blew themselves
up whilst trying to make and hide bombs in their Mental Hospital. S.P.K.
was originally 4 people in Sydney, Australia. They released two singles on
their own S.P.K. label and pressed 200 copies of each. they sent copies to
Industrial Records who liked them so much they offered to re-release their
favourite two tracks again. By this time S.P.K. had only two members left,
one a certified schizophrenic, a patient in mental hospitals; the other a
certified mental nurse who works in mental hospitals! this perhaps explains
the complex inconsistency of their packaging. Since this record was made the
schizo-member has left the group. S.P.K. is now one person who is alive and
cynical and living in Paris. The cover was designed by S.P.K. Most copies
sold in shops will include the stick on front picture inside with the record.
A peely peeny to stick on or up yourself. Other copies will have the penis
already attached in the frame on the front, like yours... 

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