NOTES : an essay, written by Neil Hill (9-7-1981), appeared in the Australian "The 80's Fanzine"

smothering common simple convenient can leave no trace. but more force than necessary will leave marks of violence. soft pillow nice cushion mother made me hold it down on its filthy face. don't press too hard. primary mcision made from level of thyroid cartilage to rm'dline of pubis testicles small slit avoid umbilicus. strangulation common alleged ligature to assist self-delivery idental by umbilical cord. pull it tight. Examination of the cord may show rough handling. displacement of Wharton jelly. marks on the neck fingerprint bruises. open abdominal and thoracic cavities. neck structures and thoracic contents brought down to level of diaphragm and oesophagus and trachea ligatured. diaphragm then divided and ail abdominal and pelvic viscera removed with thoracic contents in one mass by dissection behind and lateral to kidneys. bruising mainly internal. exterior scratches skin under red nails panic force this shit out rip its slimy head.
choke it. put a plug down its throat. use cloth and take it out when it's finally still. in the rubbish or bum. no trace. except pallor of parts indicating compression. exwnine the larynx. open trachea to ligature. cut out heart-lungs-trachea fry in a little oil. put in water to see if it floats. separate lungs. dice the lobes. hydrostatic test for respiration. if they float place on chopping board and squeeze out the tissue from each portion with the flat of a broad knife. serve. they'll never know. the lungs of an infant that has breathed are mottled in colour and have round edges. crepiate on palpitation. otherwise dark red and sharp edges like the knife stinks old. always dissect the head first.
bashing its head against the toilet wall. swing it round by the legs smash it face on the floor. blood splattered on my stockings. eyeballs hanging out. infrequent comniinuted fracture. obvious but fun. allege it shot out of me and bounced on the concrete floor. labour does not result in forcible expulsion and the normal length of cord is likely to check violent fall. normal range about 15cm. even if it did fall force insufficicnt to cause fracture. Klein reports none in 183 precip ' itate deliveries. Klein is a liar.
Baar opened the skull and examined the brain. an ear-to-ear incision first made over the vault of the skull and the two flaps pulled forwards and backwards. tongue redistributes the juices up and over the erect clitoris. exwnine the haemorrhages and fractures. an incision made with a pointed knife into the anterior fontanelle. soft poke it. Klein is a dead man. one blade of a pair of strong scissors passed beneath the parietal dura at the medial end of the original incision and the parietal bone is cut longitudinally parallel to the sagittal suture and about 5mm laterally to the latter continue towards larnbdold suture, and then laterally and downwards within the latter and similarly in the coronal suture. after the four flaps have been reflected the brain vertex and terminations of pial veins into superior longitudinal sinus are inspected for haemorrhages. falx cerebri examined by gentle sideward pushing of hemispheres. haematoma between falx and medial aspects of hemispheres or between layers of falx.
lift frontal lobes upwards and backwards. cut transversely the 11 to VI cranial nerves corpse is now blind. tentorium inspected for tears sever the VII to XII cranial nerves. deaf cadavre. medulla cut with a bistoury as deep as possible. dig it in further. slit open the sinuses and pull out the dura with a pair of forceps. open the middle ear cavities and mastoid antra with a chisel liquify the extracted organs with a surgical hammer. nail it to the table.
drowning unusual. precipitate birth into a toilet bowl and subsequent drowning however occurs. the experience. the fullness. of life. from vagina to urine soaked porcelan. perception or not. of small traces of faeces around the edge. one breath maybe two. or none. and two lungs full of excrement. existence. it is a more common method of disposing of body after infanticide. burning rare but good mode of disposal. the demonstration of high saturation by carbon monoxide is proof of death by burning. get Klein when i get out of here. over in the firegrate they are going to find the remains. don't go near the fire darling. but then they can't get a conviction of infanticide. the thing was still-bom. they can only get me on conceahnent of birth. could cut its throat. uncommon. allege the knife slipped when cuffing the cord. use scissors. never get away with an open razor or penknife. the possibility of frenzy or panic at tirne of delivery, however, might lead a woman to perform acts for which she is totally irresponsible. decapitation followed by dismemberment was described by Amoroso. a man you can trust. a newly born female was found dead with her throat cut from below the right ear across the front of the neck to just below the left ear. there had been three separate cuts the main incision had severed the internal and external carotid arteries and trachea, there was also a deep cut into the spine. bleeding had occurred into the neck tissues and blood had been inhaled to give each lung a notable red mottling. bruising over the left temple. side of neck. front of chest. mum aged fifteen pleads guilty of killing baby girl. its body slipped onto the scissor blade. plead frenzy. amoroso will help me destroy Klein.
poisoning is now considered passe. demode. out. the possibilities of barbiturates do not yet appear to have been exploited. sulphuric add was common. arsenic. defence of accident or mental imbalance is weak because this crime is premeditated. double ligature placed between the duodenum and stomach and the gut is divided between the ligatures. place the stomach in if it floats. in the bath then open it along its lesser curvature. foul stench. onions. tomato skins. presence of food may be of confirmatory value in establishing live birth. open the intestincs. compacted. flows out and envelops the world. we, amoroso and i, will smother Klein with his own blankets while he sleeps and if he struggles we will burn his body. he will adopt the pugilistic attitude. we can be sure of that. a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
burial alive is also uncommon. but more frequent in continental Europe than elsewhere.