Less ambivalent, and chilling to the point of psychosis, is Sydney, Australia's SPK (stands for Surgical Penis Klink, if you must know) - possibly the sickest band in existence (makes Throbbing Gristle look like Debby Boone). Their first American release (foruth overall) is Leichenschrei (Thermidor), which, a press release helpfully informs me, translates as "corpse shrieks." Charming bunch. If the album's positively demonic blend of Luceferian hammering, over-excited noise generators and Stygian doom-muttering is too much for you, just be thankful you missed SPK's brief American tour this past spring. These seriously twisted Aussies filled NYC's normally well-behaved Danceteria with viciously colliding metal, hoarse screeching, and a subterranean bass rumble - all accompanied by a slide show so hellishly deranged it would've sent Adolf Eichmann running for the vomitorium. Whew.

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