GODSEND #18 : 1992


SPK were formed in Sydney, Australia in 1978 by Neil Hill (a psychiatric patient) and Graeme Revell (a psychiatric nurse), who along with various associates/friends helped to define the early, classic "industrial" sound with a series of Eps and the "Information Overload Unit" and "Leichenschrei" LPs. These early recordings were grinding noise/death sounds, and live appearances were brutal exercices in repulsion with members eating sheep's brains and performing "surgery" on dead animals onstage. As members came and went, SPK eventually became the vehicle for Revell's solo work, which by the mid to late 80s evolved (or devolved) into a streamlined pop/dance act (1985s awful "Machine Age Voodoo" LP), and then into dark soundtrack music. His crowning achievement hes been SPK's brilliant 1986 LP "Zamia Lehmanni:Songs Of Byzantine Flowers" which combine dark ethnic influences with grandiose, lush filmic atmospheres. (All of SPK's early recordings, as well as the "Zamia" LP, will soon be available as Mute USA plans to rerelease them on CD and cassette.)
In recent years, aside from a select few appearances on compilation recordings, Revell has kept busy scoring music for films and Australian TV. This is a quick rundown of his major film composing accomplishments.

No More/Kontakt/Germanik 7" (79 Side Effects)
Factory/Retard/Slogun 7" (79 Side Effects)
See Saw/Chambermusik 7" ( 81 M Squaered)
Meat Processing EP (Slogun/Mekano) 7" (81 Industrial)
Info Overload Unit LP (81 Side Effects)
SoliPsiK 7" (81 M Squared)
At The Crypt CS (81 Sterile)
Leichenschrei LP (82 Side Effects)
Last Attempt at Paradise CS (82 Fresh)
Dekompositiones 12"EP (83 Side Effects)
Auto-da-Fe LP (83 Walter Ulbricht)
From Science To Ritual CS (83 Plasma)
Metal Dance 7"/12" (84 Desire)
Junk Funk 7"/12" (84 WEA/Elektra)
Flesh & Steel 12" (84 Elektra)
Machine Age Voodoo LP (84 WEA/Elektra)
In Flagrante Delicto 12" (85 Side Effects)
Zamia Lehmanni LP (86 Side Effects)
Off the Deep End 12" (86 Nettwerk)
(REVELL) Insect Musicians LP (86 Musique Brut)
(REVELL/others) Necropolis, Amphibians LP (86 Musique Brut)
Breathless 12" (87 Nettwerk)
Digitalis Ambigua:Gold & Poison LP (87 Nettwerk)
Oceania LP (88 Side Effects)

Additionally, Revell/SPK have appeared on several compilations and soundtracks) 

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