Flowmotion No. 5 : 1983

S.P.K "Despair" (Twin Vision)

S.P.K's greatest hits with the visuals they should have always had in the first place. There's obviously been a lot of work gone into the production of this sixty minute video, with some quite impressive results taking into account the limited equipment used. A definate plus is that a large part of this has been shot by Twin Vision themselves.
Now this one is most definately going to turn a few stomachs. Particularly so the autopsy, nothing like the sort of surgery you see on British TV medical programmes where the cameras are positioned and the film is edited in a way that you don't see too much.
The live footage of S.P.K in concert is excellent, especially the later footage from their U.S tour and there's also some excellent footage shot in Sydney (I think) University medical research department. Again a must (providing you've got the stomach).

Coming soon from Twin Vision will be a compilation video including short pieces from S.P.K, Nocturnal Emissions, Chris & Cosey, Portion Control and many more. 

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