Unknown fanzine 1983

'The Last Attempt At Paradise' - S.P.K.

C45 from 'Fresh Sounds Inc:, P.O. Box 36 Lawrence,Kansas,66044,USA. £3-99

At first four pounds seems a lot for a cassette, but when you open the cover, and keep opening it (its a big cover) and see all the photography and information included & realise that contained within is more music than on most L.P.s, well recorded and brilliantly executed, how can you not be swayed by this divine package?

S.P.K. , for the uninitiated, make the Throbbing ones sound like Eno, and yet theirs is probably a logical evolvement from Gristles sound. They retain on this live tape their infectious and frenzid rhythms which were evident from the start. Tracks from both L.P.s 'IOU' and the daunting 'Leichenstrei' all with a few previously unheard of gems are given powerful workouts and surprisingly the yankee audience respond well. It's a pity they are now into videos, as this tape proves that SPK were nearer to paradise than most in the world of sound.


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