NOTES: Dokument ! + 10 came with the special edition of Information Overload Unit by Mike Wilkins. It contains Dokument One plus 4 extra pages.

DOKUMENT  1 + 10

This Dokument accompanies the 1991
special issue of Information Overload Unit.
The issue comprises 23 original pressings
in a new sleeve design, no two of which are
identical. The image is the same as that
issued 10 years ago but there is change -
it is the same but different. Information
Overload is more prevalent today than ever;
the concept addressed 10 years ago is now
starting to become more widely recognised.
Information is hidden within information -
overloaded, we cannot distinguish it.

But we are getting quicker.

This dokument is also the same but different.
All the original pages are included. This has
been arranged so that the artefact retains
its original components. the sense of it you
may find altered by your own experience and
the passage of time.

The original concept of "Sonics for Manics"
is mutated - the questions are the same but
there are now some different ones. Who is it
that shall decide what shall be classified
"normal" ? What difference does it make to
evolution? Is the mass of "normals" suppressing
the next steps? And what about the psychology
of those classed "normals"? Given the power of
the influences exerted on the developing psyche
can we really say with any certainty who is
controlling our thoughts, feelings, behaviour?

So. If we don't really know what's controlling
us, what sort of a position are we in to attempt
to control others?
         Mike Wilkins
s                             p                            k


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