NOTE : text from the backcover of the record

Seppuku - (the Japanese art of ritual suicide) is the archetype of nobility in the face of certain defeat. -- “One's way of dying can validate one's entire life.” - Budö Shoshin Shü, Daidöji Shigesuke (1639 -1730).

We are now entering an era which history will come to call ANOTHER DARK AGE. But, in kontrast to the original Dark Age, defined by a lack of information, we suffer from an excess of information, which has been reduced to the repetition of media-generated signs. Through this specialization, it is no longer possible for an individual to attain a total view of society. Edukation is struktured for the performance of a limited number of funktions rather than for kreativity.

Kommunications systems are designed for the passive entertainment of the konsumer rather than the aktive stimulation of the user's imagination. Through the spread of the western media, all kultures come to simulate one another. By the end of the millennium, this biologikal infektion will have penetrated the heart of the most isolated traditions - a total CULTURCIDE.

Yet in every era, a small number of visionaries rise above the general malaise. Those who will succeed, will resist the pressure to become kommercialised "images," demanding identifikation and imitation. They will uphold their principles in the face of impossible odds. By remaining anonymous, they will be free to develop their imagination with maximum diversity. For this is the TWILIGHT OF THE IDOLS - the end of the proliferation of ikons and the advent of a new symbolism.