Certified 3 : 1984


S.P.K. are the most unconventional band that I have ever seen live, armed with sheets of metal, chains, bars and a metal cutter, they set out to give an unforgetable, if not dangerous performance.
The metal banging is structured around backing tapes, and a fourth member had joined the original trio to help out, I dont know if he has become a permanent member or was just helping out with live work.
The stage was littered with oil drums, empty gas cylinders, and sheets of metal, which when hit, produced a surprisingly varied and interesting ary of sounds. The stage was not lit with the usual coloured spot lights and the band used vitally no lighting, adding to the bands effect.

S.P.K. are truely an international band, female singer SINAN is from china DEREK THOMPSON (trumpet, keyboards, metal precussion) is from England and GRAEME REVELL (synthesisers, electronics, metal precussion) is from New Zealand.
Halfway through their set Graeme Revell started cutting into sheets of metal producing large amounts of sparks creating a tremendous effect on the partially lit stage, he then started swinging a four foot long metal chain above his head at the front of the stage producing an almost immediate evacuation of the front half of the hall (I read somewhere that one of their gigs in London was stopped because either counsil officials or the management of the venue thought that it was to dangerous for them to continue), one wrong move with the chain and someone could have had a permanent reminder of their night out.
I must admit that I had'nt heard much from S.P.K. before this gig apart from METAL DANCE, and now after hearing them on the radio (Dave Jenson session) that they are better live than vynal or tape, although the single 'METAL DANCE' is a classic.

The last few songs in the bands set were the highlights of the night all the members of the band apart from SINAN, proceeded to knock hell out of anything they could find in time to the backing tapes, a perfect end to an unforgetable gig that to say the least different.
The original meaning of S.P.K. was Socialistische Patieten Kollective, who were a group of mental patients in Germany who tried to break out if the system they were in by building bombs for the Baader Meinhof group, they ended blowing themselves up, but recently they changed the meaning of the name to 'Se Pukku' the Japanese word for ritualistic suicide. They have released a tape called "live at the krypt", and the single "Metal Dance", but I am not sure if they have recorded any other material. Although S.P.K. have a hard metalic sound which would only appeal to the minority, they do feel capable of producing more commercial material and under the name of "The Cruel Pleasure" are going to release more pop orientated music in the future, aswell as continuing with the experimental side and S.P.K.



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